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Inclusive Pedals CIC - creating opportunities for anyone to experience cycling.

We run the cycling hub in the Queen’s Park, Chesterfield with a range of adapted trikes and quads. The machines are used on the old cycle racing track around the cricket pitch in the Queen’s Park.

Groups and individuals can book the bikes for their own use.

In 2018 we will run eight 'taster' sessions on the 1st Friday of the month afternoon 1.00pm until 3.00pm, March to October. £1.00 per rider.

On the 1st Saturday of the month March to October we run a Dr Bike workshop at our storage container in the Queen's Park.

We are currently fundraising for our new project called 'Cycling Without Age' during 2018.

Who are we?

Inclusive Pedals CIC

Images from our adapted cycling sessions

Velo Plus wheelchair carrier


Roam 2 seater

Duet wheelchair trike

4 Inkerman Cottages



S40 4BP

07834 838076

Banana trike


Groundforce quad

Hand cycle

We are fundraising to start a 'Cycling Without Age' chapter in Chesterfield.

Find out more and hopefully support us by donating directly here.

Specsavers in Chesterfield have been supporting us this year by providing volunteers to help at our taster sessions. They have also generously donated £150 to Cycling Without Age.