Inclusive Pedals CIC

We are a social enterprise set up as a Community Interest Company at Companies House.

As such we operate as a 'not for profit' organisation, all revenue is put back into the business to pay for session leaders, maintenance and admin.

Our group and individual sessions cover their costs and provide a small amount of revenue for maintenance. In addition we like to provide as many 'taster' sessions in the Queen's Park as possible per year but we need external funding to do this.

We are constantly on the lookout for funding opportunities for general or specific projects.

We welcome individual contributions via the Pay Pal link opposite and will always let you know what your contribution has funded.

From time to time we run projects that require specific funding, keep a look out on this page!


Who are we?

Inclusive Pedals CIC

4 Inkerman Cottages



S40 4BP

07834 838076

Help us fund our projects

Inclusive Pedal CIC is a social enterprise creating opportunities for anyone to experience cycling.

Donation options:

If you would like to help fund any of our projects please use the options below.

£5 or £10 will help maintain our fleet of trikes.


Sponsor a monthly Dr Bike session £50

Donations help us increase our range of spares and tools to provide a better service.

Sponsor an Queen's Park 'Taster' session £60

We try to offer as many 'taster' sessions as possible per year in the Queen's Park but these incur a cost to our organisation.

Help bring 'Cycling Without Age' to Chesterfield

We're raising money for this intergenerational project.