School Based Cycle Training

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Cycle skills balance bikes

For reception age children

We supply 12 balance bikes and other equipment needed to run a session.

Sessions take place in the school hall.

Two instructors run the session which lasts about 25-30 minutes per group of 12 children.

Possible sessions;

Morning session for up to 36 children (in 3 groups of up to 12)

Morning session for up to 48 children (in 4 groups of up to 12) we usually have to work through morning break to accommodate

Afternoon session for up to 36 children (in 3 groups of up to 12)

Schools can book just one session or multiple sessions (we recommend two). All participants receive a certificate when sessions are complete.

Total cost per session for up to 36 participants £175.00 or for 37 - 48 participants £200.00. 49 - 72 participants (a full day) £300.00.

Cycle skills traffic free

For children in year 3 or above, children must be able to ride in a straight line and turn corners unaided. This session takes place on the school playground and lasts around 1.5 hours.

Each session can have up to 12 riders.

A morning session is 10.00am until midday (with break time taken out).

An afternoon session 1.00pm until 2.30pm (or 3.00pm if break time taken out).

The session practices cycling skills needed for on road training when older and includes cycling games. All participants need their own bicycle. We always have six spare helmets.

All participants receive a certificate after the session.

The session is run by one instructor.

Total cost for one session with up to 12 riders £100.00

Cycle skills on road

For children in year 6.

This training includes a ‘Cycle skills traffic free’ session initially to check each rider’s ability before going on road.

The ‘traffic free’ session takes place between 9.00am and 10.00am with the ‘on road’ course starting at 10.00am and finishes at 3.00pm with a break for lunch.

Each course can have up to 6 riders.

Two instructors will lead the course and includes practising starting, stopping, left and right turns so that each participant practises the best way to ride on quiet roads in line with national standards.

All participants need their own bicycle with two working brakes. We always have spare helmets if needed.

All participants receive a certificate after the session.

Total cost for one group of up to 6 riders £300.00

After school cycle club

This can be tailored to school requirements but usually consists of four sessions 3.45pm until 5.00pm. Parents and carers are encouraged to take part.

1st session - general check of bikes, advice on where to lubricate regularly, adjusting brakes and gears and bike fit.

2nd session - similar to ‘Cycle Skills traffic free’.

3rd & 4th session - group rides planned to take in local cycling infrastructure. Sessions 1 & 2 will be led by one instructor, sessions 3 & 4 will have two ride leaders. All participants receive a certificate at the final session.

Total cost for 4 sessions as above £350.00

Cycle skills maintenance

For children in year 6.

Hands on bike maintenance repairing a puncture, adjusting brakes and gears.

Sessions either morning (10.00am until midday) or afternoon (1.00pm until 3.00pm).

6 participants per course.

The session is led by two mechanics.

All participants receive a certificate and small tool kit including puncture repair kit and spanners. Total cost for up to 6 participants £175.00

Dr Bike workshop

Useful for school open days and events.

Two trained mechanics set up a workshop in a gazebo with full tool kit and range of spares. Child and adult bikes repaired free of charge.

We bring all equipment needed.

Two hour workshop £300.00